Learn my complete Digital Blending workflow with a Skype Call!

Please join me on Skype for a 3-hour one-on-one Digital Blending workshop. I will teach my complete workflow for Digital Blending post processing:

- Develop the different exposures in Adobe Camera Raw

- Layer Masking / Paintbrush basics. How to use Opacity & Flow

- Multiple Exposure Digital Blending

- Vertical Panorama Stitching (Vertorama)

- Final post production with Nik Color Efex filters

- How to use Blending Modes to blend multiple exposures (useful to combine light trails, fireworks etc...)

- Focus Stacking

- Creating HDR image with Nik HDR Efex Pro or Oloneo PhotoEngine

- Correcting HDR image defects with Digital Blending

COST: USD 200. Payment in advance by Paypal.

For more information and registration: daniel@danielcheongphotography.com


- A computer with Photoshop (CS3 to CS6, CC)

- Nik Color Efex filters (FREE from Google). You can download it here.

- Trial version of Oloneo PhotoEngine (Windows only). You can download it here. Get 50% discount using the code DCHEONG

- Skype with a good broadband connection

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